Our Happy Place

We very much appreciated Judy's bearing with us as we searched for just the right townhouse over a period of months. She was as determined s we were not to give up our search too soon an to hold out for a place we could, for certain, call our happy place. With Judy's help we found it. Thank you Judy
Daniel Schivone

$45,00 more over asking!

It was a pleasure working with Judy. Sh has many years of experience and her marketing skills are top notch! We ended up getting around $45,000 more than our original asking price and sold our house after one weekend of showings!
Tom Meier

Sale & Purchase

Judy assisted my wife and I with the sale and purchase of real estate. There were special circmstances on both the sale and the purchase of our homes. Judy's expertise and creativity enabled us to come out of the experience with "deals of a lifetime".. Judy has a clear underestanding of her business. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking at real estate, Sincerely, Andy

Great Results

Judy gets great results, is an expert and has high integrity. Judy is a detail oriented real estate agent who does not lose sight of the desired objective. She particularly does exemplary research of the most exacting specifications and value to achieve the best results. Ken

Top Notch Negotiator

Judy gets great results, is an expert and has high integrity! Judy is incredibly knowledgeable about the process and procedures involved when purchasing or selling a home. She is very relaxed and understanding with clients during this stressful time. She is also a top-not negotiator. Her experience and knowledge of the Twin Cities is extraordinary